to connect with your heart = to connect with your intuition

23 februari 2018 door Sabijn Arts

Your intuition is the voice of your true self. It will help you make decisions in alignment with who you really are and what you would like to experience and share in your life. Instead of comparing yourself with others or with current norms in society, thinking about how you should be or what you should do.

Your intuition will guide you to live your best life, the expression of who you are in the fullest possible way. This means stepping into your authenticity with courage and joy.

Connect with your intuition every day by taking some time to just lovingly sit with yourself and centre on your heart and stomach area. One hand on your heart, one hand on your stomach and feel your feet on the ground. Breath in and breath out. The placing of your hands will help you drop into your body and help you focus. Allow everything you notice and feel to be there in a compassionate embrace with yourself. Sit like this for 5-10 minutes. It will help you move into loving being modus and will help you to be more grounded in your body. This is necessary to be able to notice the subtle frequency of your intuition. Write down your impressions in your intuition journal to ground and inspire your intuitive process.