Accepting yourself when you are highly sensitive

We have to start living from the inside out, honouring our hearts and qualities. Feeling into what works for us.

7 april 2018 door Sabijn Arts

One of the biggest struggles of highly sensitive people is to accept themselves and to stop comparing themselves with others and stop adjusting to the norms in society. Growing up we have been confronted with feeling different; being too emotional, too much, too serious, too dreamy, too easily overwhelmed, too shy, not social enough, too intens, boring or weird. We have to learn to leave these stories behind and start to honour ourselves. We have to start living from the inside out, honouring our hearts and qualities. Feeling into what works for us.

When you look into what you really need and start taking care of that, your life will shift for sure. Instead of changing into someone you are not, adjusting yourself, which causes major energy leaks and unhappiness, you start connecting with yourself and your true longings. This results in having more energy, joy, confidence, peace, less overwhelm and more balance.

It will bring new situations, opportunities and people into your life. It’s a radically different approach to life and a beautiful way to deep found peace, fulfilment and being in tune with what your authentic you wants to experience, share and contribute in this life.

So everytime you catch yourself feeling different or comparing yourself with others: thank yourself for noticing and instead bring your attention to what you would like, what you need and give yourself permission to follow that!

Remember you are not alone, a lot of people are becoming aware that their lives are out of balance, longing to return to more simplicity, meaning and authenticity. A longing that is very much felt by highly sensitive people.

Highly sensitive people are great in connecting with this energetic field of change on a bigger scale. Allow yourself to trust you and take steps accordingly. Meet with like minded people who encourage you to make the necessary changes to live more in alignment with yourself. And by that you immediately give something very beautiful to others: the permission to be themselves and live their best life too.