Love yourself. Do you trust your inner voice?

Enjoy your beautiful authentic you and start sharing your gift.

9 maart 2018 door Sabijn Arts

Love yourself. Do you trust your inner voice?

Loving yourself starts with being more present with yourself, being understanding and creating a space within where you can relax in being with you, enjoying your own company. It is about investing time and loving attention into the relationship with yourself. We spend a lot of time on our relationships with others…But we also really need to invest time and nurturing love into the relationship with ourselves.

Oftentimes we find ourselves being critical, judging and comparing ourselves . But this inner dialogue is keeping you small and pushing you beyond what is good for you. What does your relationship with yourself consist of? What is your inner dialogue about? What is it that your would really enjoy doing?

Allow yourself to have fun times with you. Getting to know what is of importance, of value to you. It is so very necessary to be kind to yourself and to make your needs more important. By that you will start radiating much more energy and will be able to start sharing your unique gift in life. It is a prerequisite for doing your souls work and living your soul purpose. Allow yourself to let your heart speak. To let your heart guide you. This is where your joy and gift is. It will not lead you astray.

When you yearn for another kind of life, follow this inner voice. Trust that you will be guided every step of the way. Trust the calling of your heart. It will lead you to happiness. Follow your joy. Your joy will guide you. It is true, trust that your really hear this calling, acknowledge it, take it seriously. 

Trust it, nurture it, talk with it, be with it. Don’t expect to have clarity about your whole journey. Allow the inner nudges to guide you. Each step you will know what to do. When one step is completed the other step will arrive. So this is not the organising principle of planning and controlling of the mind. It is intuitive wise organisation. It is an unfolding. So relax. Just allow yourself to be with that single step. Don’t focus on your whole journey and what isn’t clear yet. The next steps will follow, one step at a time.

Isn’t that wonderful. No overwhelm. Just that one step. Trust. Show up. Do the work. Follow your guidance. You are perfectly capable of knowing and clarifying what is need every step of the way. The loving relationship with yourself is about acknowledging your needs and longings, trusting that voice within and acting on it. Then you will experience true meaning and happiness and your soul will share it’s beauty and gift with the world.