Highly sensitive and feeling overwhelmed?

Connect with your values and listen within

17 april 2018 door Sabijn Arts

Sabijn Arts

Highly Sensitive and feeling overwhelmed? Start listening within to create a lifestyle that works for you

I truly believe that for many of us, our lives are out of balance. There is so much external and internal stress. So many people just continuing with the way they work and live, because that’s what they know and see. And because we don’t know how to change or are too scared of the possible consequences when we start to listen within.

If you are highly sensitive, the demands of rat-race life anno 2018 can be very overwhelming. This overstretching and lack of balance may leave you vulnerable to developing burnout, depression or anxiety.

Do you try to keep up with the pace of life you see around you, working too hard, feeling out of sync with your body & soul? It’s really time to make some changes.

More and more people are looking for new ways (and old ways actually) of living. We long for connection, belonging, contribution, beautiful experiences, meaning, and a simpler, more natural way of living. Instead of our consumer focus on more and more and more, which in the end isn’t fulfilling our heart and soul’s deepest needs.

For highly sensitive people this longing is felt very clearly. And we need to listen within to live a life that works for us. What this will look like may be very different from what is mainstream. And that might be scary and very new to you. What I see in my coachingpractise daily, is that for a lot of highly sensitive people it takes quite some time or a crisis to build the courage muscles to make the necessary changes and  celebrate being different.

Getting clear about what it is you need and value is an important and fun step to feel more confident in the choices you want to make. Choices in alignment with who you really are. Choices that will bring out the best of you.

So take some time to be still and ask yourself: What is truly meaningful for you in life, what makes you heart sing? What is time well spend to you?